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By Ben Philippi

Big gun expert Bob Bigando shows us what he liked best at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas. His business focus is more on the unusual aspects of the firearms industry. He tends to go for the larger guns and vintage military gear. SHOT Show is an opportunity for him to see what’s going on in the gun world.
Since Bigando’s in such a niche market, a lot of the products don’t interest him. He’s lucky enough to own all of the basic firearms such as AR15s, hunting rifles, shotguns and even anti-tank guns. So when he walks around the show, he gravitates towards the stuff that’s unique because they’re fun to shoot and look good.
At this year’s show, he liked the Tanker rifle by Battle Arms. He thinks the company did a great job designing this good looking gun. It fires the .300BLK round from a 7.5-inch barrel, making it an SBR, so all NFA rules apply. MSRP is $2,999.
Bigando also liked the Typhoon 20 cannon at the Serbu Firearms booth. It’s a single shot bolt action cannon that fires the 20x110mm Hispano round. It’s also one of the few production 20mm guns that can still be purchased today. Some of


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