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By Patrick Roberts

U.S.A.-( The Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt has become one of my go-to range tools since my first double belt was gifted to me by Kurt of Blue Alpha Gear last year. Yes, the belt was a gift that they had no idea that I intended on reviewing but it was too good to not talk about.

The belt that I selected was the Multicam MOLLE compatible belt for no other reason than it was the stiffest possible option that Blue Alpha Gear offered at the time. Since I planned on using the belt for shooting on the range only and not as a “battle belt” the stiffest option seemed to be the right decision to make.

The Double Belt Explained:

The inner belt is compact and easy to store in a range bag.

Why would I want two belts when one belt can hold all my pouches and holsters? Because I only have to set the Double Belt up once and don’t have to mess with getting my pouches in the right spot. While it might not be the best possible option for guys kicking in doors and delivering freedom, it …Read the Rest

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