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By Jacki Billings

Cole-Tac and Blue Alpha Gear team up to help the healthcare industry. (Photo: Cole-Tac)
As shortages of personal protective equipment place healthcare workers at a higher risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus, two companies in the gun industry are stepping up to ensure the medical community is protected.
Blue Alpha Gear and Cole-Tac announced Monday that the two would join forces, in what is being termed Operation Face Mask, to manufacture masks for medical professionals currently fighting the Coronavirus. Dustin Coleman, president and owner of Cole-Tac, told in a message that hearing about the shortage of supplies spurred him to take action.
“I kept hearing on the news about the shortage of medical supplies. We have some awesome equipment and even more awesome people that, with some tweaks, could produce the supplies needed,” Coleman explained. “My mindset is ‘adapt or die.’ We can all just sit at home and have the healthcare workers try to battle this alone or we can get creative and find ways to help.”
A host of supplies sits ready to be turned into supplies for medical workers. (Photo: Cole-Tac)
Though the face masks are not considered PPE, they do fall under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s


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