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By David Codrea

It figures he’d pose in front of a flag neither he nor many NFL players stand for. (Mike Bloomberg for President/Facebook profile photo)

U.S.A. – -( “Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg on Thursday released his campaign ad set to air during the Super Bowl — a 60-second spot focused on gun violence,” Politico is publicizing in a free plug masked as news that probably ought to count as an in-kind contribution. “The ad, which will cost the former New York mayor more than $10 million to broadcast nationwide on Sunday, tells the story of Calandrian Simpson Kemp, a Texas mother whose 20-year-old son, an aspiring professional football player named George, was shot to death in September 2013 outside Houston.”

It’s not the first time the mayor of Everytown has relied on the big game to get out a slick “sports” message designed to swindle “the whole people” out of their birthright. He and then-Boston Mayor Thomas Menino donned trademarked NFL jerseys, meaning they must have had league blessing (they wouldn’t even let a host town use the term “Super …Read the Rest

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