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By Bob Owens

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his benefactor Michael Bloomberg don’t seem to be on the best of terms right now. It’s almost like Bloomberg took it personally when McAuliffe took $1.7 million of his money to get elected, and then double-crossed him.

A national gun-control group recently allied with Gov. Terry McAuliffe took out a full-page newspaper ad against him Tuesday to blast the Democrat’s surprise gun deal with Republicans.

“Terry McAuliffe is wrong,” begins the ad that Everytown for Gun Safety placed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. It goes on to quote several of the governor’s statements about the deal, declaring each one “false” and then providing a detailed analysis on each point.

Last week, Everytown unleashed Facebook and Twitter ads against McAuliffe, posting his photo side-by-side with that of the National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre.

Top McAuliffe administration officials called the newspaper ad “disingenuous” and “misleading.” His spokesman doubled down on criticism of Everytown, a group launched by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, as an outsider organization meddling in Virginia politics. At McAuliffe’s request in the fall, Everytown bankrolled $2 million in attack ads on behalf of two Democratic allies in state Senate campaigns.

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