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By Bob Owens

It takes a special kind of ghoul to shamelessly stand on the bodies of the dead to lie in service of a political agency, but billionaire totalitarian Michael Bloomberg is just that kind of ghoul:

Everytown for Gun Safety is pushing for legislation that would close a loophole supported by the National Rifle Association that allows people with incomplete background checks to purchase guns after three business days.

A similar bill, authored by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), aims to stop retailers from selling guns to people with incomplete background checks, as was the case when alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof purchased his firearm.

The prospects of a bill getting through the GOP-controlled Congress appear bleak.

The prospects are bleak for the legislation because the “loophole” is a media myth, on numerous levels.

As we noted in our initial report yesterday, the NICS background check system didn’t fail. Based upon what the FBI director has made public, there were two failure points.

Multiple Data Entry Failures

At the local level, for reasons that still remain unclear, the wrong arresting agency was listed for the suspect’s drug charge.

This data entry was compounded when because the list of law enforcement agencies in …read more

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