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By Chris Eger

After a multi-million dollar campaign delivered one-party control to Virginia, which within months saw five controversial gun control laws enacted, Everytown is looking to repeat the model in at least eight states. (Photo:
A national anti-gun group this week announced they intend to spend $15 million in battleground states to support politicians who back tougher regulations on firearms.
Everytown, formed originally as Mayors Against Illegal Guns by Micheal Bloomberg and still largely funded by the billionaire media mogul, said the campaign is their largest digital ad program to date. The push includes $5 million in ad buys in Florida, $3.5 million in Texas, $1.5 million in North Carolina, $1.25 million each in both Arizona and Iowa, $1 million each in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, and $500,000 in Georgia.
The group says the ads, to air on non-traditional platforms like Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, Roku, and Univision, will “largely target suburban parents, young voters, and people of color, and will include Spanish-language creative.”
While $15 million sounds like a big outlay, Everytown plans on spending upwards of $60 million in this election cycle, which means the digital campaign is only about a quarter of its investment in future gun control.
The Virginia Model
While the Everytown ad focus


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