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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

Now that gun owner control ally Barack Obama is out of the White House, Michael Bloomberg needs to find other and sneakier ways to advance his citizen disarmament agenda.
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USA – -( “Gun Safety Org Taps Book Professionals for New Advocacy Group,” a Thursday Publishers Weekly fake news story proclaims. That’s an objective characterization, and here’s how you can prove it to yourself.

First, note it appears under the “news” rather than “opinion” heading, yet the article makes no pretense of obtaining any viewpoints other than those lauding the Bloomberg effort. Then we can look at the author, Claire Kirch, not a reporter, but a professional PR flack who openly admits “I want to make sure that the politics of the book agree with my politics” before she will agree to represent an author.

“Everytown for Gun Safety, a three-year-old organization with three million supporters that advocates against gun violence, is launching a group for those in the book world called the Everytown Authors Council,” Kirch begins her naked advocacy piece. Forget for a moment that what billionaire control freak Michael Bloomberg’s wholly-owned propaganda machine really …Read the Rest

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