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By Dan Zimmerman


“Frustrating Democrats who hoped to prove decisively that running on a gun-reform message could produce winning margins at the ballot box, the Virginia Senate remained in Republican control Tuesday night after an expensive campaign left the party breakdown right where it has been for the past four years.” So lament our Bloomberg-backed buddies at The Trace. Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of gun owners quivering in proxysms of schadenfreude-fueled joy. If you’ll remember . . .

The bilious little billionaire threw a stack of cash at Virginia with the goal of buying at least one senate seat for a Dem. That was all he needed to wrest control of the upper house from pro-gun Republicans and advance what The Trace euphemistically calls “gun reform.” And after that strategy went down in a twisted pile of flaming wreckage, the Washington Post reports that Mikey isn’t the only anti-gunner disappointed by last night’s results:

It’s a huge blow to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who went all-in to make it happen. Democrats could have won by capturing just one seat because of the tie-breaking authority of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D). But …Read the Rest

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