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By Ammoland

BloodSTOP Gauze

Pre-clinical Trial Shows BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix Has 100% Survival Rate in Military Standard Test of Severe Arterial Bleeding

The results of the study, conducted using military-standard protocols, demonstrate BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix rapidly and effectively achieves hemostasis when severe and potentially fatal bleeding occurs.

PALO ALTO, CA –-( LifeScience Plus, a Silicon Valley-based biotechnology company revolutionizing wound-care, today.

It announced that its military-grade new hemostatic wound-care product, BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix, has achieved a 100% survival rate during pre-clinical trials testing severe femoral artery lacerations mimicking a battlefield gunshot or shrapnel wound.

The study, which was conducted on swine at an accredited research laboratory at at PMI, an accredited research laboratory in Silicon Valley, utilized GLP protocol validated by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Far beyond any of its competitors, BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix was shown to dramatically minimize blood loss, maintain hemostasis without re-bleeding, and continue to allow circulation to the lower leg, preventing any need for amputation. Results of the study indicate that the BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix’s advanced technology could save hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives at disaster sites …read more

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