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By Jason Reid

BloodSport Archery
BloodSport Archery

Bloodsport, makers of the most durable, accurate and innovative hunting arrows, is proudly bringing its exclusive technologies to the crossbow market with the cutting edge Witness and Hunter crossbow shafts.

Built to Bloodsport’s exact specifications, both Witness and Hunter use 100-percent carbon arrows that get the most out of today’s high-speed, high-energy crossbows. Proprietary Rugged Wrap construction creates a tighter weave and a thicker wall for the most consistent spine and better flight from even the fastest crossbow.

Why is that important? The high energy produced by today’s crossbows puts more strain on arrows, causing them to flex and destabilize during flight. The thicker the wall and the more consistent the spine, the better your arrow flight will be, even with larger fixed-blade broadheads.
Witness and Hunter arrows are both top performers in the industry for straightness and weight consistency, making sure that each of your arrows fly with the same direction and impact as the ones before.

Bloodsport Crossbow Bolts
Bloodsport Crossbow Bolts

Another accuracy enhancer included with both shafts is Bloodsport’s brass insert. Designed to create a better front-of-center, the brass …Read the Rest

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