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By Bob Owens


Every time we see a law passed reasserting our natural right to bear arms for self-defense, supporters of gun control cry out that the result of reestablished liberty will lead to a “return of the wild west.” Since laws establishing concealed carry began growing across the nation in the 1980s, cries that there will be “vigilante justice” and “blood in the streets” over minor discourtesies have been a staple of gun control cultists. 30+ years of those claims failing to ever come to pass anywhere in the nation hasn’t dampened their certainty, of course.

Now that support for constitutional carry (open or concealed carry without a permit) is rapidly expanding, these same zealots have trotted out the same old arguments again, and as before their cries have been proven false time and again.

Today, West Virginia became the tenth state to reassert the basic human right to carry a weapon without a permission slip from some arbitrary government entity.

Guess what?

There’s nothing out of the ordinary to report.

West Virginia now lets people 21 years old and up carry hidden guns without permits or training.

The law passed by the Republican-led Legislature took effect Tuesday.

In March, lawmakers needed only a simple majority to …Read the Rest

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