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By Dave Urbanski

Antonia Okafor wanted a gun.

New project! #2a #EmPOWERed

— Antonia Okafor (@antonia_okafor) April 21, 2017

During her first year of graduate school at the University of Texas, Dallas, she wrote in a New York Times op-ed that she worked during the day and took all her classes at night.

“Every evening, after class got out around 10, I had to walk through the sprawling parking lots to get to my car,” Okafor explained. “I dreaded that time of day. I would pray that no one was lurking in dimly lit areas or behind cars, and I’d try not to think about the campus police alerts I’d seen about sexual assaults in the area.”

What’s more, she said she was assaulted as a child — which left her “acutely aware of the realities of being preyed upon just because you are physically smaller and less likely to protect yourself. I know what it means to feel defenseless.”

“Now my only means of protection was a rape whistle,” Okafor said. “I would hold it in one hand and my phone in the other, the numbers 9-1-1 pre-dialed and my finger on the call button. …Read the Rest

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