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By Bob Owens

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, a Black Lives Matter protester who attended attempted cop-killer Michael Brown’s funeral, murdered a Kentucky State Trooper who was trying to help him:

A Kentucky State Police trooper wanted to do a favor for the driver he pulled over late at night. It turned out the man was driving with a suspended license, so the lawman was arranging for overnight lodging for the man and his fellow travelers, including two children.

Those plans soon unraveled, with tragic results. During the stop on a rural stretch of interstate, the driver took off. What ensued was a chain of events that led to the deaths of the lawman and the suspect, authorities said.

Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, 31, was shot by the suspect during a second stop late Sunday in western Kentucky, Trooper Jay Thomas, a state police spokesman, said Monday.

Ponder, a Navy veteran, had been on the state police force less than a year.

“He was trying to help them out, and for an unknown reason, the driver fled,” Thomas said.

“At the initial stop, it was his intent to put them all in a hotel without having to apprehend the driver,” Thomas added. “After he initiated the pursuit, …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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