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By Bob Owens

shaun king

Shaun King, one of the left wing radicals so eager to stir up hatred against law enforcement and push the divisive and factually false narratives of Black Lives Matter, is now attempting to use the recent domestic terrorist attacks he helped encourage to call for gun confiscation.

Like everything else King publishes, his call for stripping Americans of the most common firearms in America is based purely on the sort of lies we’ve come to expect in the execrable New York Daily News.

In Dallas and Baton Rouge, M___ J___* and G___ L___ killed eight police officers and shot 12 others. Based on the final act of each of their lives, many are calling them evil murderers. They were also well-trained military veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. From all accounts, both men were law-abiding citizens after their service.

King has a curious definition of “well-trained,” in asserting that these racist former servicemen were highly trained killers. The Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist was a builder in the Army, with a MOS that made him proficient with only nail guns. The Baton Rogue terrorist was a data network specialist, a keyboard warrior, not an infantryman. He notes their military service, but somehow …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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