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By George

Former finalist on NBC’s “Nashville Star” Coffey Anderson put together a quick 4-minute video on Facebook on what to do when being pulled over.

In the video Coffey suggests actions like- keep your hands on the wheel, and don’t reach for your wallet while the officer is approaching. Simple tips to put you and the officer at ease.

This was a harmless and informative video aimed at protecting both blue and black lives. However, like everything surrounding the recent controversies, some people were less than thrilled with the video.

Man please! So people have to do all this to ‘make’ an officer ‘feel’ safe? When they ask you for your ID and you reach for it, and they shoot you anyway, then what? Why are we acting like, the drivers are the problem? Why don’t you get a video training officers how to treat and encounter black peoples,” wrote Facebook user Tyshawn Gardner.

Laura Petty Blessing, wrote, “Nobody should have to practice being pulled over so they won’t die over a routine traffic stop. Maybe the police should practice how not to kill people.

Despite the expected outrage, the video has gone viral, and is …Read the Rest

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