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The new Multi-Bulls-Eye, IPSC Bad Guy and Blue/Orange Silhouette targets all feature a bright splatter around bullet holes to make shot placement evident, even at a distance. The non-adhesive targets are constructed of durable tag board and have plenty of space in the margins to record data or make notes.

The 12”x18” Multi-Bulls-Eye target features six bulls-eyes for plenty of shooting surface, or even a little friendly competition between shooters. The 12”x18” Bad Guy IPSC target has an IPSC style target overlaid on a Birchwood Casey Bad Guy target. Hits in the vital area show with an orange ring and shots outside of the vital zone show up in white. Both targets are available in packs of eight for $12.70 or in multiples of 100 for $1.40 each.

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The new 16.5”x24” Blue/Orange Silhouette target shows bullet impact with a white splatter. The larger size makes for quicker target acquisition during shooting drills. The Blue/Orange Silhouette targets come in a pack of three for $12.70 or in multiples of 100 for $3.40 each.

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