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By Roger Katz

Dirty Money Bribes Hush Politician Bloomberg iStock-Kritchanut 1136269502.jpg

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, globalist elite, will spend whatever it takes to win the U.S. Presidency and, if successful, would then proceed with his goal to destroy the second amendment.
Part two

Billionaire 2nd Amendment Hater Bloomberg, Spends Whatever It Takes To Win Presidency, iStock-Kritchanut

New York – -( Were Michael Bloomberg to win the Democrat party’s nomination for U.S. President and to prevail in the 2020 general election, he would, as his first order of business, undermine the second amendment, paving the way for the destruction of the nation’s free constitutional republic

There are two strains of Collectivism in evidence in the modern Democrat Party: one, the Universal Socialist stateless world union governed by labor, as envisioned by Karl Marx, and, two, the Universal stateless Corporatist world, governed by an elite ruling Class: a central banking oligarchy. Either governmental construct is anathema to those nation-states that function as Constitutional Republics. And, only one true and free Constitutional Republic presently exists: The United States. The Blueprint and governing principles of this free Constitutional Republic is the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution is grounded on one, a federal government of specific, limited powers provided to and spread out among three co-equal Branches, and, two, a recognized …Read the Rest

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