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By Chris Eger

In October, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General disclosed that between 2014 and 2016, DHS lost 228 firearms, 1,889 badges, and 25 secure immigration stamps. (Photo: DHS)
A measure backed by a California Democrat would see tighter regulation on how the Department of Homeland Security tracks and manages its more sensitive items.
The Securing DHS Firearms Act of 2017, filed as H.R. 4433, was reported out of committee by unanimous consent last week and could get a floor vote sometime this month. Backers of the move argue it is needed after an audit found that hundreds of guns and other controlled items were missing from the armories of the nation’s largest law enforcement body.
“It was troubling,” said U.S. Rep. Luis Correa, D-Calif. “You’ve got to come up with a process to secure these items. You never leave it unattended. You always secure it. That badge. That gun. That laptop.”
Correa’s bill would officially task the Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Management with the duty of tracking the cabinet-level department’s firearms and other sensitive assets. It directs the establishment of guidelines for securing Department-issued firearms and items such as badges and computers, as well as setting a recordkeeping requirement with


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