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By Dean Weingarten

Washington State Capitol building, Olympia.

U.S.A.-( 27 years ago, Washington state passed a bill requiring the Washington State Police to sell valuable firearms rather than destroying them. Provisions were made for the destruction of firearms which could not be legally owned.

For political reasons, local law enforcement agencies were not included. In some of those jurisdictions, such as the Yakima Police Department and Vancouver Police department, all guns are destroyed for political reasons.

A bill to allow the State Police to destroy legal guns passed the House in the Washington state legislature on 23 January 2020.

Selling or not selling the guns has no effect on the availability of guns because the guns are sold through licensed dealers. They are simply another gun in a dealer’s stock. Destroying guns that have ended up in police hands simply means the money goes to a gun manufacturer to produce another gun, instead of to the police.

The Bill, HB1010, passed in the House 56 to 42, on a partisan vote. From

The House passed the bill along party lines Jan. 23, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans against. Its next stop is the Senate Rules Committee and …Read the Rest

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