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By Ammoland

William B. Rugers Resume Rifle

By Marc Cammack

William B. Ruger
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Maine – -( The 20th century saw many great American firearms designers including John Browning, John Garand, and Eugene Stoner.

But another big name in the American firearms industry during the 20th century who would see much success was William Ruger.

Bill Ruger would be the subject of much controversy after 1989 due to his support of limiting magazine size. This article will not deal with this issue rather it will deal with what made Ruger successful against other large American companies such as Colt, and Winchester in the early days of the company.

Bill Ruger was born in 1916, and would grow up to have a love for firearms.

His hometown of Brooklyn, NY may seem odd today for someone to grow up in who would have such an impact in American firearms. Ruger would read up on firearms and get his first rifle at age 12. He would learn from other firearms enthusiasts and take trips to various factories including Marlin. This background in firearms gave Ruger a great advantage over competitors whose management often came from other industries, and lacked a knowledge of the American …read more

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