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By Erich Pratt

Rep. Boebert Files Bill to Clean Up Pelosi’s Mess
During the 117th Congress, Nancy Pelosi’s House massacred your Second Amendment rights by repeatedly passing unconstitutional gun control legislation.
Gun Owners of America is committed to repealing these laws, and on Friday, we filed suit in federal court in the northern district of Texas. Our suit seeks to repeal the waiting period restrictions that passed as part of the Cornyn-Murphy infringements that became law last year.
Thankfully, our new pro-gun House majority has the opportunity to repeal even more gun control and rectify the colossal mess that was left by the Pelosi Congress.
I am happy to report that Rep. Lauren Boebert just introduced the Shall Not Be Infringed Act ( #H.R. 3212), which is a comprehensive repeal of EVERY Second Amendment infringement passed by the 117th Congress and signed by President Biden.
That includes ALL gun control contained in the Cornyn-Murphy Sellout, as well as the gun control that anti-gun Democrats stuffed into several funding bills last year.
Among many other things, this bill would:
    End the $700 MILLION+ programs to bribe states into passing Red Flag gun confiscation laws.
    Repeal the changes to federal law that became a backdoor way for the Biden Administration to

Source: Gun Owners of America

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