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By Robert Farago

“I was just researching in the Clinton Presidential Library archives, and came across a fax from “Deputy Secretary” (of what, is unstated) to Clinton’s Domestic Policy Council,” David Hardy at writes, “relating to settlement terms to demand in the lawsuits against gun manufacturers, which were then being brought by New York, some other jurisdictions, and private plaintiffs, and held the risk of bankrupting the industry.” Thankfully President Bush, the NRA, and Republicans rode to the rescue in 2005 with the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The Act prohibits lawsuits against gunmakers for negligence when their products are used in a crime. Click here to read a PDF of the Clinton fax, which is scary, scary stuff. Here’s Hardy’s horrifying summary . . .

It lists demands which would have achieved most of the antigun legislative objectives, without the work of getting Congress to agree. One gun a month, gun registration, eliminate non-inventory small FFLs, no guns capable of taking greater than ten round magazines, no sales of greater than ten round magazines, no juveniles allowed on gun dealer premises without a parent or …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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