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By Ammoland

Man at Amrs Reforged

AmmoLand Editor: Introducing the Man at Arms video series. MaA is an excellent Youtube video channel that is sure to impress. With their highly educational explanations of the forging process of well known weapons from video and game play, the expert black smiths take fan favorite weapons and make them reality.

Man at Amrs Reforged

USA – -( This week the smiths at Man at Arms attempt to recreate Bilbo Baggins’ Sting Sword from J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit“. Do the blacksmith from Baltimore Knife & Sword have the magic to pull of an exact copy equal to original crafted by the ancient Elfen blade smiths?

“I will give you a name…and I shall call you Sting.”— Bilbo Baggins

“Sting was an Elven shortsword made in Gondolin during the First Age. After wielding it during the Quest for Erebor, Bilbo Baggins had it engraved with the Sindarin text, Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im. Translated into English, it reads, “Sting is my name; I am the spider’s bane.” The Appendix of The Silmarillion defines the element maeg in Sindarin as meaning “sharp” or “piercing”. During the Third Age, it was wielded …Read the Rest

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