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By Rob Morse

Police Line Tape
Police Line Tape

U.S.A. -( It is sad that we have to protect our students from violence. Politicians won’t tell you, but we can do a lot to prevent the violent attacks on our schools and churches. Preventing a mass murder stops the violent event before it happens. In contrast, responding to an attack stops the violence once it has started. We want to do both. Prevention isn’t easy but it has a huge reward. We win every the violent attacks that we can avoid. Here are four steps to prevent attacks on our schools. Politicians won’t talk about these solutions because they are simple to describe but have profound effects on our personal lives.


An intact marriage is a powerful preventative for public violence. You already knew that, and from several sources. It confirms your suspicions that the mass murderers in 26 of our 27 deadliest attacks came from fatherless homes. You already knew that most violent criminals are men. You noticed that most violent criminals grew up without a father.

You knew that boys are more sensitive than girls to family breakup. Boys need a nurturing mother AND a disciplinarian father so that the boys grow to become socially …Read the Rest

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