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By Bob Owens


It’s been a number of years since I was behind the gun counter of a major sporting goods chain, but I still vividly remember several instances where I refused to sell a firearm to customers. One smelled of alcohol and had bleary eyes suggesting he was intoxicated. Another was highly agitated and made comments that suggested that he had a score to settle with someone. Then there was the father and son duo that simply seemed too stupid and dangerous to be in possession of the rifle that they wanted for “moose hunting”… in North Carolina.

In each and every one of those instances, my store management relied upon my discretion and judgement that the individuals in question should not be sold a firearm, even though several of them had already passed through the FBI’s NICS background check system before I determined they were not someone I felt comfortable arming.

Big 5 Sporting Goods manager in Downey (CA) Delilah Rios had a total of four disturbing interactions with one male customer who acted aggressively and erratically before another manager overruled her and allegedly forced her to release the shotgun to the customer.

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