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By Jacki Billings

We caught up with a handful of hunters to learn about their favorite big bore cartridges. (Graphic:
For those who’ve harnessed the power of the big bores, there’s no going back. One thing is certain– “big bore” means different things to folks. looks at some of the top choices from historical figures as well as modern shooters.
A Trip Down Memory Lane
The author’s Dakota Arms Model 76 chambered in .416 Rigby, the same rifle built for R. Lee Ermey. The rifle has now hunted numerous dangerous game animals around the world. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
To begin, let’s look at the wide variety of choices from a handful of the most well-known African hunters of yesteryear. Walter Dalrymple Maitland Bell, better known as Karamojo Bell, hunted elephants in remote, warring Africa with the .275 Rigby.
Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, famed for killing the lions of Tsavo, wrote “the battery, to be sufficient for all needs, should consist of a .450 Express, a .303 sporting rifle, and a 12-bore shotgun.”
Ernest Hemingway’s Westley Richards chambered for .577 Nitro Express took lion, rhino, and buffalo on the Dark Continent.
Of most recent fame, the late US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant turned actor R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey,


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