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By Zeke Y

We have an emergency on our hands.
Joe Biden is trying to pass an “assault weapons” ban before the new Congress takes hold in January.
Because an “assault weapons” ban already passed the House earlier this year, the 50-50 Senate is our only hope of stopping Biden’s latest attack on the Second Amendment.
And since the midterm elections are now over and many Senators are about to retire, many Senators no longer feel accountable to their constituents.
That’s why GOA needs our grassroots army of members like YOU to whip the Senate into line and stop them from surrendering our God-given rights during the lame duck session.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell the 50-50 Senate to VOTE NO on any “assault weapons” ban that Biden tries to ram through Congress during the lame duck session.
The ban passed by the House earlier this year is so expansive that it would not only ban AR-15s – the most popular rifle in America – it would also ban many Glock handguns and 1911s.
That’s why GOA prefers to call this “assault weapons” ban “a ban on commonly-owned firearms.”
Just last week, Biden called it “sick” that Americans have the constitutional right to

Source: Gun Owners of America

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