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By Brad Fitzpatrick

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Regardless of your skill set, next-level training can prepare you to survive the worst circumstances. These police officers are undergoing training at The SIG Sauer Academy in New Hampshire.

The rising number of concealed carry permits has resulted in a nationwide surge in compact handgun sales, and today there are more and more new shooters obtaining their CCW permit for personal protection than ever before. But taking a class that allows you to legally carry a concealed firearm should just be the beginning of your firearms education, especially if you’re serious about self-defense. That’s not a denunciation of concealed carry instructors, who may have 20 or 30 students with varying levels of experience with firearms in one classroom and who must spend a great deal of their instruction time covering the most basic elements of firearms operation and local laws governing concealed carry. It’s simply impossible in that setting to provide every student with the level of training they need.

For that reason, every shooter who carries a concealed firearm needs next-level training, regardless of their level of experience. Whether you’re a rank beginner trying to master the basics of firearm handling or a career shooter, there are next-level courses …read more

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