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By David LaPell

Beware the Amateur Gunsmith
Beware the Amateur Gunsmith , ** see Image credits. H/T

USA – -( The definition for a gunsmith is someone who repairs, modifies, designs and builds guns, but in the end, it’s not as simple as all that. If you have been around firearms for a long enough time, you will see shoddy or even dangerous work, and often it comes at the hands of someone who calls themselves a gunsmith, but in reality, shouldn’t be near a gun at all.

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In the last two decades, I have seen some work passed off by so-called gunsmiths that range anywhere from decent and good to downright scary and dangerous. I have seen people refinish guns with spray paint instead of re-bluing them and calling it the same, to cutting off barrels with no thought to re-crowning them and then wonder why the accuracy went out the window. Some guns I have seen are downright scary and are in the category of unsafe and truly dangerous.

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