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By Scott Gara

Before Beth Alcazar was a Senior Staff Writer for USCCA, before she became a sought-after voice in the concealed carry movement, she was a mom. “I still love describing myself as a mom with a gun because ultimately that’s what I am, I’m a mom,” said Alcazar. Her job duties as a mom range from counselor to alligator wrestler, she told us with a laugh, but her ultimate job responsibility is that of protector.
It came with the program
Alcazar started writing for the outdoor industry almost twenty years ago to learn more about PR, marketing, and to ultimately get her feet wet in a professional writing career. “I wasn’t pursuing something with shooting, it just sort of came with the program, if you will,” she said. Along the way she met many interesting people and came to appreciate the business and industry as a whole. Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction until it all came abruptly crashing down upon her.
Tragedy turned triumph
At 37 weeks pregnant with her third child, her job was was abruptly terminated. She was facing a c-section with no insurance, wondering how she would get through it. That’s when she decided to reach out to


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