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By Ben Philippi

Last week, we published two articles of awesome gun t-shirts and tattoos. We asked for your submissions for a future article. Here’s what you submitted. Enjoy!
Sun’s out, Guns out. Submitted by Jacki Billings.
Gun safety rule #1: carry one. Submitted by John W. Phillips.
2nd Amendment tattoo. Submitted by Paul Torch Resent.
LOVE. Submitted by Ben Philippi.
Will work for guns & beer. Anonymous submission.
When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Submitted by Scott Dibenedetto.
Corgi equipped AR? Yes please. Submitted by Jacki Billings.
Glock shirt. Anonymous submission.
Snake and gun. Submitted by Andy Fox.
Cigars and AR’s. Submitted by Andy Green.
Baby Shark do do do… it’s in your head. Submitted by Jacki Billings.
Ruger tattoo. Submitted by Andrew Craig.
Guns, skulls and roses. Anonymous submission.
Seems legit. Submitted by Jacki Billings.
A branded shirt! Submitted by Ben Philippi.
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