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By Gregory Smith

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Keep it hidden

Your gun safe should not visible in plain sight. Make sure there are no windows that have direct sight of the gun safe from outside. Only you and the people you trust should know where your gun safe is hidden.

If you have children in your house, you should find somewhere high to mount your gun safe. It’s recommended to keep your weapons hidden about 5ft. if you have children in the house.

Away from fire risks

Some areas of your home have a higher risk of fire than others. You should avoid keeping your gun safe in your kitchen, or any room with a fireplace. Gun safes with fire protection can only protect your gun for a certain period of time. Most affordable gun safes on the market will not have any fire rating.

Easily Accessible

Finding an area that is well hidden but easily accessible can be difficult. There should not be any obstacles or anything blocking access to your safe. In times of danger, you will not have time to move things around. If you plan to mount your gun safe in the closet, make sure nothing is blocking the access door …Read the Rest

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