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By Michael Humphries

The AR-15 has many fans today, due no doubt to its combination of proud military heritage and impressive accuracy potential. However, its standard 5.56mm chambering leaves some shooters wanting more downrange power. To step up to .30-caliber performance with a .308 Win. round, you must also step up in size to a much larger firearm.

To address this problem, Wilson Combat did a little bit of outside-the-box thinking and came up with the innovative 7.62×40 Wilson Tactical round. This cartridge offers .30-caliber punch in a 5.56mm-sized platform and is based off the standard 5.56mm NATO case that has been shortened and necked-up to accept a .30-caliber bullet.

The result is a Wilson Combat cartridge that pushes a 110- to 125-grain bullet at around 2,500 feet per second, while still using a large number of standard 5.56mm NATO AR-platform components. See, it truly is the best of both worlds!

For more information on the 7.62×40 Wilson Tactical round and other products from Wilson Combat, please visit

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