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By Gregory Smith


With an aggressive Facebook marketing on flashlights like the one that we are seeing today it’s hard to not get interested into these cool military grade flashlight that everybody is talking about. Many people however don’t know much about flashlights and in most cases they’ll just buy whatever is either more expensive or better looking. There are different aspects you should know before purchasing a flashlight and because of that the today subject is going to be on how to pick a high quality military flashlight.

What are the key aspects?

A true military grade flashlight must have specific qualities that not every eBay or Amazon flashlight has. Here are some of which I think are very important:

LED Chip

The newer versions of tactical flashlights like the G700 are not using LED diodes. Instead they use a high tech LED chips that are almost 10 times more powerful that the regular diode. First because of the size of the chip and second because of the Lumen capacity. If you are looking to buy a high quality flashlight make sure that it’s using a chip and not a LED diode. You can check that by removing the lens on the top.

Optical Lens

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