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By Ammoland

MINELLI S.P.A. - AK-47 Walnut Stock Set

By Thomas Conroy
Best AK 47 Stock Kits Review

5 Best AK 47 Stock Kits
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA--( The AK-47 is like vodka in some ways. Straightforward, elemental, and dependable.

It seems completely uncomplicated, especially compared to its counterparts developed in the decadent, capitalist West by and for the bourgeoisie who – as recently decried by a certain American Socialist – actually want 23 types of deodorant and 18 types of sneakers.

The Avtomat Kalashnikova, despite all its rugged, proletarian people’s glory, does have some shortcomings. Sometimes the buttstock, designed for peasant conscripts nourished mostly on borscht and Marxist dialectics, is simply too short for us overfed Western Imperialist running dog lackeys.

Not only can the buttstock on some imported variants of the AK, both -47 and -74, be a bit undersized for Amerikan shooters, we spoiled, decadent, counter-revolutionaries also want to be able to adjust the stock to fit more than one person, or even help us use electronic sights and scopes more efficiently.

And let’s face it, the factory-original stock is sometimes a bit plain when it comes to looks, sort of like Russian salo – salt-cured pork fat, …read more

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