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USA -( Being the most populous state of the union gives the Golden State a few advantages: one of the largest economies in the world, an amazing tech sector, and some great weather to boot!

However, there are things about the Golden State I do not love, its guns laws being a major one.

I grew up around firearms and learned to hunt and to shoot at an early age. My father took over the family gun collection when my grandpa became sick. The guns were always in the hall cabinet – a constant tease to my future. Watching Tom Knapp and Jerry Miculek videos lit a fire under me and spawned the dream of shooting competitively. Throughout high school I was a member of a trap shooting team and that experience, the level of competition and the maturity that was gained, set me on the path to join the Marine Corps in 2012. The journey through boot camp, combat training, and then my duty station set my mind toward a more focused and fast paced level of shooting. In 2014 that mindset navigated me into the world of …Read the Rest

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