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By Keith Wood


There’s nothing that makes shooting a rifle easier than the addition of an optic. Instead of forcing your eye to align three objects (the rear sight, the front sight and the target) and focus on one of them (the front sight), the scope puts all three objects on the same visual plane.

The use of a good optic increases our capability with a rifle, but only if it is mounted correctly. The market is loaded with scope mounting options which can seem overwhelming. In an effort to simplify this process, we will look at one of the most proven optic mounts in the industry and walk through the process of mounting a scope correctly and securely.

The optic mount can be the weakest link in the accuracy chain of a rifle. We must follow a series of steps to ensure that the scope will maintain its position under the recoil of the rifle along with the normal bumps and knocks that a rifle will encounter during its life. Improper scope mounting is probably the most common contributor to poor rifle performance. Do it right the first time, and save yourself some serious headaches down the road.

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