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By gunwriter There are a variety of companies offering weapon-mounted lasers, typically in three categories that include grip lasers, guide rod lasers, and rail mount lasers. Depending on your weapon system and the way you intend to employ it, you may find one suites your needs better than others. Recently there has been the introduction of green lasers. In some instances they may be easier to see than red lasers but in my experience the color of your laser is about as important as the color of your underwear. Grip Lasers Grip lasers are the least intrusive to the handgun and are available through Crimson Trace for almost every modern pistol or revolver. Most are easy for the user to install and zero. They also make the execution of laser discipline simple because you can cover the laser beam with your trigger finger or just reduce your pressure on the handgun’s activation switch (grip). Laser grips should not impact holster selection and their instinctive activation make them the, almost always, best choice. Guide Rod Lasers These units replace the recoil guide rod in your handgun and on the plus side, add nothing to the external dimensions and little if anything at all …Read the Rest

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