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By Rob Morse

College Students Barricaded in the Classroom
College Students Barricaded in the Classroom

U.S.A. -( The school safety movement is growing. Parents, school staff, and law enforcement officers are working together. They are slowly solving the complex and interrelated issues of protecting our students from armed murderers in our schools. We see varied solutions from school to school and from state to state. There is much to learn as we protect our children.

The “solutions” to school safety aren’t simple, but they are achievable.

Whether simple or complex, whether easy or difficult, as parents, we demand that the school protect our children when we can’t.

“We want our kids back the same way we gave them to you.” only slightly smarter each day.

There are overlapping layers of protection for our schools the same way we protect our homes. To start, some safety programs try to prevent mass murderers before they reach the schoolhouse door. Other programs try to reduce the damage an attack can cause by changing the physical features and procedures at school. Still, others try to quickly stop the attacks, and then to save the lives of those who are injured. Some of the safety programs are clearly more effective than others.

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