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By Vanessa Torres

Beaver Lake Habitat Project Aids Arkansas Fish and Wildlife
Beaver Lake Habitat Project Aids Arkansas Fish and Wildlife
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Arkansas -( A Beaver Lake project just started has the ambitious goal of helping fishing, helping wildlife and improving overall habitat.

Jon Stein, district fisheries supervisor for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said the work involves cutting small and medium cedar trees from three islands where they aren’t wanted and moving them to specified spots in the lake, where they will be weighted and sunk.
Stein said, “Plans are to cut and sink up to 800 trees in the next year, and habitat structures will be marked with a Global Positioning System. GPS coordinates will be available on our GIS website ( We will continually update the GIS coordinates as we sink more trees.”
The objective is to remove about 800 cedars from three islands – Deer, Bear and Shadox. Deer and Bear are near Arkansas Highway 12, and Shadox is down lake near Rocky Branch. All three are large enough to be used for hunting deer and other game. Stein said the cedars range from two to three inches in diameter to more than …read more

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