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Bear Attack: How to Survive
Bear Attack
New Mexico Game & Fish
New Mexico Game & Fish

Raton, NM -( New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officers Tuesday were trying to catch a bear that bit a teenage girl while she was sleeping in a tent early Monday morning in a neighborhood yard just outside Raton.

The girl sustained minor wounds to her arm and ear when the bear apparently nipped at her through the wall of her tent. She was treated and released at a Raton hospital.

The homeowner, awakened at about 3 a.m. by something rustling through trash bags, told officers that he scared the bear away from the girl’s tent with a shot in the air from his handgun. When the bear returned later, he said he fired another below the bear, which turned and walked away. He described the bear as a juvenile or yearling.

Investigating officers were called to the scene at 8:45 a.m. By that time, a heavy rainstorm had washed away any tracks and scent that might have helped identify and find the bear. Officers set a culvert live trap in case the bear returns.

The girl who was bitten apparently was among several people who were attending …read more

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