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By Bob Owens


Back in November, we covered the story of VODA Consulting and “Lucien Black.” At the time, we billed him as possibly being “The World’s Worst Firearms Instructor.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a new contender for the crown.

So, THIS happened.

A couple of days ago I was reaching out to various training schools to ask if they’d be interested in hosting a Law of Self Defense Seminar, a routine task in our office. I’m pleased to say that several of the schools got back to me and seminars are in the process of being scheduled–more on those later.

One of the schools contacted initially expressed interest in hosting, then followed up with a rather bizarre email. There was no request for privacy of this communication, and the nature of the email was sufficiently, well, crazy, that I thought the training community and those who pay that community for training, ought to be aware of this particular school’s interesting perspective.

That school is the “Caliber Training Group,” based out of Atlanta and apparently run by Samuel R. Hayes III. Mr. Hayes returned my initial inquiry with an expression of interest in hosting, and as usual I responded by offering to …Read the Rest

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