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By Ammoland

Battle Rifle Paratrooper Carbine
Battle Rifle Paratrooper Carbine
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA – -( In a market completely saturated with AR-15 rifles is it possible that a manufacturer could offer something that has never been seen before or repackage the rifle in a way that those of us who own over a dozen of them could stand up and say, “I need that one!”?

The answer is a resounding “Yes” when the rifle in question is the Battle Rifle Company Paratrooper Rifle.

On paper, the Battle Rifle Paratrooper sounds like another 16″ direct impingement AR15. That is, until you get your hands on one.

This lightweight rifle uses a Keymod rail, installed flip up sights, a comfortable pistol grip, newfangled muzzle brake and a sliding stock with shortened bolt and buffer.

Finished in a tan Cerakote this is one sexy looking rifle when taken out of the box!

A few words about Keymod

Sure Fire may have been the first to make use of the Keymod system and this was what was used on the 5.11 Tactical rifle built by JP Enterprises we reviewed for RECOIL Magazine. At first, the author was not very fond of the Keymod …read more

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