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By Bob Owens


The black nationalist anti-police terrorist* who a murdered law enforcement officers in Louisiana had a carbine and a handgun during his attack, and was taken out less than ten minutes into the attack by a single shot by a Baton Rouge SWAT team member from more than 100 yards away as the terrorist attempted to return to his vehicle where he had a second rifle stored.


The 29-year-old terrorist, a black former Marine who apparently hated every race except his own as revealed in his bizarre social media accounts, used a IWI Tavor carbine in his rampage. The Tavor is a bullpup, semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) 5.56 NATO caliber carbine. His Tavor was equipped with what appears to be a Meprolight M21 reflex sight and what may be a 42-round ProMag magazine.

This cop-hating former member of the Nation of Islam first shot two Baton Rouge Police Officers as they came up from behind him around the rear corner of a beauty supply store into an alley. He engaged both officers, killing one immediately and wounding the other. The surviving officer fell back around the corner to the rear of the building, temporarily in cover. A …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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