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By Bob Owens

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has studiously avoided espousing any political sentiments during his playing career and even his retirement. his self-imposed silence held even after his father was murdered for his car by two criminals, Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery.

Jordan is breaking his decades-long silence to come forth in an attempt to heal the growing rift between law enforcement officers and minority communities in the weeks after supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement ambushed and murdered police officers in domestic terrorist attacks in cities around the nation. These attacks arose in response to dishonest narratives offered up by a liberal media who spun the officer-involved shooting deaths as executions of innocent and non-threatening men merely for being black.

The emerging reality of these shootings were that Alton Sterling was shot as he fought two officers and reached for a gun, while the shooting of Philando Castile occurred after officers stopped him for matching the description of an armed robbery suspect and then Castile was shot when said “I’ve got a gun” and then reached for his concealed carry permit in a move the officer interpreted as an attempt to draw his weapon.

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