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By Ammoland

Death by 1000 Cuts Gun Control

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Basket Of Liars & the Division of a Country

USA – -( This may seem to be a dark, angry diatribe, but it is not a call to arms. It is, instead, a call to wait and grow stronger. And, at the same time, it is a call to refuse to compromise with the liars.

Years ago, when most of you were just young pup, gunnies were already being demonized by folks who were afraid of our guns. They called us names because we called out their lies. But they never stopped lying about us and our firearms.

Right now our country is enduring an earthquake of lies. These lies are of commission and omission, that are so great and damaging, to the culture of freedom we hold so dear, that there is little solid ground upon which to stand.

After this past midterm election, we remain genuinely amazed that so many fellow Americans could believe the lies, some of which are so preposterous on their face. There are limitations to the human psyche, but it appears that upwards of half our population has gone bonkers, and our Republic is being torn apart by …Read the Rest

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