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By Matt

Completely Baseless Sensationalism and Scare Tactics – that is what has become of most “news” sources these days. It is a sad world we live in. I saw this article posted by a friend and I had to look just based on the title. Not shockingly, this article is mostly sensationalized garbage intended to scare the sheeple reading it. This is going to be a short analysis, simply because, despite the length of this “article”, it is extremely short on substance…

The story teller (I cannot use the term author as it would indicate too much professionalism), Alastair Bland, begins by describing an interview he had with a recent CCW recipient in Sacramento County, CA. He cherry picks a few interesting quotes, likely chosen to make the CCW holder sound scary to those who fear guns. Then he throws this tidbit out:

“The 44-year-old is one of thousands of Sacramento County residents who have been issued concealed-weapon permits in the past four years by Sheriff Scott Jones. Previous sheriffs granted almost none by comparison.”

So, over the last 4 years, Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones has issued “thousands” (5,555 in 4 years to be specific) of new …read more

Source:: The Bang Switch

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