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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Barney's Police Supplies Adds Battle Rifle Company
Barney’s Police Supplies Adds Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle CompanyHouston, TX-( Barney’s Police Supplies has added Battle Rifle Company as part of the company’s lineup of rifles for law enforcement and government agencies. With the addition of the Battle Rifle Company line as a premium offering, Barney’s brings a full line of quality rifles to the market that fulfills a variety of applications for agencies.

“We provide a one stop shop for a department’s rifle needs,” explained Chris Kurzadkowski, owner of Battle Rifle Company. “From SWAT use, patrol and specialized security to maritime, and even sniper work- we have a rifle for every use.”

Barney’s has been serving the law enforcement market since 1995 throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, and is a trusted name in the industry. Barney’s will be selling rifles directly to agencies as well as distributing to other shops in the Louisiana and Mississippi markets. Rifles will also be available to individual officers in each of their six stores.

Barney’s sales staff will be trained to assist departments in developing their rifle requirements and finding solutions for their rifle needs. Barney’s LE salesmen will be able to …Read the Rest

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