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By Jason Reid

Barnett's youth archery line.
Barnett’s youth archery line.
Barnett Crossbows
Barnett Crossbows

Barnett may be known for their top-quality crossbows, but they’re equally committed to ensuring the future of archery and all bowhunting. Nowhere is that more apparent than with the Buck Commander line of vertical youth bows.

Designed to help kids get into the sport and develop proper technique, the Banshee, Lil’ Banshee and Lil’ Sioux are, above all, designed to help next generations fall in love with archery.
Each of these Buck Commander-endorsed bows are affordable and come with everything kids need to start shooting right away. All of the bows work equally well for right or left handed shooters and come with adjustable draw lengths for a perfect fit.

The Banshee compound bow is suitable for beginners and intermediate shooters. With a 25-pound draw weight, the visually enhanced cams look and operate like mom and dad’s bows. It comes equipped with an adjustable sight pin and can accommodate draw lengths from 24 to 26 inches.

Buck Commander Banshee Features:

Ambidextrous riser
Soft Touch reinforced grip
Visually enhanced cams
Draw weight 25 lb., compound
Draw length 24″-26″
Finger rollers
2 arrows included
Adjustable sight pin
Package serves as a carrying case

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